Revolution Athletics Presents

The Revo Club

The Revo Club

The Revo Club is the ultimate membership program for aspiring professional athletes. Composed of 500 digital tokens and four different tiers at $500 a piece, each one grants lifetime access to annual membership discounts, private sessions, exclusive gear & more. Available to purchase October 3rd!

The Ultimate Membership for Aspiring Athletes


Each purchase will randomly give you a bronze, silver or gold Revo Token. By collecting all three tiers you will unlock the Legendary tier for the ultimate reward package. Rewards for each token are listed below:



  • 15% Membership discount
  • 5 Private Training Sessions
  • Exclusive gear package
  • Bring a guest (1 per month)



  • 20% Membership discount
  • 10 private training sessions
  • Upgraded gear package
  • Bring a guest (2 per month)



  • 25% Membership discount
  • 15 private training sessions
  • Super upgraded gear package
  • Bring a guest (4 per month)

Legendary Revo Card

Look familiar? We took a page from the Madden handbook for our rarest style. For these 25 special tokens we highlight past athletes that have graduated our program and moved on to excel at the next level.

In order to get one of these bad boys, you must collect a Bronze, Silver, & Gold Revo Token. These Legendaries gain you access to 50% off your membership, 30 private sessions, ability to bring a guest 8 times a month, and our ultra gear package.

Refer to the key below for different variations on how to get a legendary.
Only 25 available.

3 Bronze = 1 Gold Token
2 Bronze = 1 Silver Token
1 Silver & 1 Bronze = 1 Gold Token


  • Exclusive Merch Drops (Spring 2023)
  • Annual End of Summer Party (Summer 2023)
  • Scholarship Fund (Fall 2023)
  • Exclusive Partnerships (Winter 2023)

The Team


The Moverz

Mission Disrupt


Dom Designs


As a former Division 1 AA football Student-Athlete and graduate of Hofstra University, Justin Kull, founder of Revolution Athletics and Head Performance Specialist, understands the hard work and dedication it takes to perform at the next level. Justin worked for the top training facility in the nation and has brought that knowledge back to his home of Long Island, New York. He founded Revolution Athletics in 2005 with the main goal of providing the top speed and strength training for Long Island athletes and together with his team, Revolution Athletics has become a premier training facility on Long Island.

The Moverz

The Moverz Group is a creative agency on Long Island reimagining the way brands connect with people through NFTS. With their passionate team of storytellers, filmmakers, developers & festival planners they will set up The Revo Club to be a trailblazer in the NFT revolution.

Mission Disrupt

Mission Disrupt is a team of bold forward-thinking marketers united by one mission – To deliver superior online experiences, reinvent established companies and grow emerging brands.


John Cruz has been a tech professional for over 7 years with a focus on bridging the gap between communities and technologies. If John is not researching new technology then he is giving hugs out in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Dom Designs

Domenico Rizzotti designed the artwork for the Revo Club. He is the art director for the Moverz Group team & owner of Domenic Design.

How it works?

No matter how you decide to purchase your Revo Token, whether it be debit, credit, or ETH (crypto), you will need to download the app MetaMask in order to verify ownership and unlock your benefits.

Below are the steps on how to set up your MetaMask & purchase with ETH (crypto) if you choose.