Puff Puff Pass

Sign up to receive your Puff Puff Pass, the key to unlocking exclusive rewards. Scan your QR code to evolve your Puff Puff Pass with each visit and level it up to win prizes. Memberships are valid a year after purchase.



  • Free pre-roll on your first visit
  • Evolve your Puff Puff Pass token image every visit
  • Level up your Puff Puff Pass token every 5 scans to unlock better rewards as you progress
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How It Works



After purchasing your digital token at the top of the page, download the Token Proof app, available on both iOS and Android devices.



Sign in to the Token Proof app using the same email used for purchasing the digital token.



Click the top blue rectangle to reveal your QR code. Scan it to level up your digital token and earn prizes.



Click the collections tab to track your digital token's progress.


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How do I track my digital token's progress?

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